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How to enable multiple RDP Sessions on Windows Server

In this article, I will show you how to enable multiple remote desktop sessions in Windows Server 2012 R2 without paying anything or, breaking system. Please make sure you have full version Windows Server 2012 R2 installed instead of evaluation version, you can ask your service provider to install full version for you too which doesn't require any license at all.

Step 1 - Download RDP Wrapper

Download Link:

Download the latest build and the first ZIP file listed. Your browser (Google Chrome) might warn you about this file like this -

but be assured this is not a threat to your server in any way. So, go ahead and click "Keep Dangerous File" and then "Keep Anyway" and extract the downloaded ZIP file anywhere you wish.

Step 2 - Install RDP Wrapper

After extracting the ZIP file you should get these files -

Right-click on the "install.bat" file and click "Run as administrator" which should install RDP Wrapper in your server and get you back to the windows login page within few seconds. Login using your password and you should see this command prompt opened as below, where you just need to press any key to finish the process.

Step 3 - Configure RDP Wrapper

Double click on the "RDPConf.exe" file in the same folder and you should see a window like this if everything went well -

By default "Network Level Authentication" will not be marked but I highly suggest you mark it and click OK. There are many other settings for Remote Desktop Connections here which you can play with if you wish. I also suggest you to reboot your server after you have done everything.

I hope this will work without any issue for you, in case you face any issue don't hesitate to post a comment here.

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